Your Trusted Air Compressor Rental Provider

Renting an air compressor can provide flexibility, allowing businesses to scale their compressed air usage up or down as needed.  Harris has a wide variety of rental options available when you need them.

We carry a comprehensive range of compressed air rental equipment sourced from the most reputable and industry-leading brands. We offer compressors with varying horsepower ratings, enabling us to cater to the diverse needs of our clients. Whether you require indoor or outdoor compressed air, our rental solutions can help. Furthermore, we offer food-grade compressors, ensuring that your air quality meets the highest standards. Rentals will often arrive same-week and sometimes same-day. 

Having a trusted air compressor rental provider is critical for when you face one of these common issues:

  1. Unexpected Equipment Failure
  2. Limited Capital Budget
  3. Scheduled Maintenance
  4. Opportunity to Increase Productivity
  5. Spike in Demand

From the Blog:

5 Reasons Manufacturers May Need a Compressed Air Rental

Manufacturers often rent compressed air equipment due to various challenges they face in their operations. Compressed air is widely used in industrial applications and considered as essential as electricity, water, and natural gas. It is mainly used to automate the operation of pneumatic actuators, which are forecasted to see an increase in demand globally.