5 Reasons Manufacturers May Need a Compressed Air Rental

Manufacturers often rent compressed air equipment due to various challenges they face in their operations. Compressed air is widely used in industrial applications and considered as essential as electricity, water, and natural gas. It is mainly used to automate the operation of pneumatic actuators, which are forecasted to see an increase in demand globally.

Despite the need for compressed air equipment, permanent installation may not always be a sustainable solution. The five most common reasons for renting compressed air equipment include:

  1. Unexpected Equipment Failure

The leading cause of the need for compressed air system replacement is sudden equipment failure. Installing new machinery can take up to 30 weeks or more, and the installation cost can be four times the cost of the equipment itself, making a permanent purchase solution impractical.

  1. Limited Capital Budget

A system failure can put a significant strain on a manufacturing plant’s capital equipment budget. The high installation cost of new compressors or air dryers makes it less likely for a company to approve the expenditure.

  1. Scheduled Maintenance

Regular maintenance of existing equipment often requires it to be offline, leading some manufacturers to rent replacement systems. This allows for performance checks and necessary repairs or upgrades to be made without disrupting production.

  1. Optimizing Productivity

Manufacturers may rent compressed air systems for short-term opportunities to increase production, such as plant maintenance or expansion initiatives. Renting equipment allows for production levels to be optimized without having to wait for permanent installation.

  1. Spikes in Demand

Seasonal changes can suddenly increase a manufacturer’s need for compressed air backup. Unusually warm or cold temperatures can change compressed air usage, making existing systems unable to keep up with demand. Renting a system offers a solution to meet the increased demand.

Renting from Harris offers a convenient solution in such situations. With quick delivery and simple installation, manufacturers can rely on rental equipment for as long as needed. Harris also offers 100% oil-free air and the ability to modulate airflow, making it a reliable option for companies.