A Summer Preventative Maintenance Checklist for Your Air Compressor

The increase in heat and humidity during the summer months can create a whole new set of challenges for your air compressor if you are not prepared. There are a few key components to your air compressor that need to be maintained to keep your system up and running efficiently.

Oil Coolers/Aftercoolers

Heat exchangers are responsible for keeping oil temperatures at an appropriate level and removing water from the air system. Before the heat moves in, make sure aftercoolers and oil coolers are clean and that the fans are working correctly.

Condensate Drains

Condensation in your compressed air system is unavoidable, and in the summer months there is often a major increase in the amount of condensation. To avoid costly problems associated with built up condensate, make sure your drains and drain lines are properly sized and working correctly. You will need to increase the frequency of any timer-operated drains you may be using to account for the increase in condensate.

Air Dryers

Air dryers help reduce moisture from your air lines. Whether you are using refrigerated or desiccant air dryers, be sure to check they are working properly before summertime.

For refrigerated dryers, check the condenser coils and condenser fans to make sure they are in good, working condition.

For desiccant dryers, you will need to check and service the pre-filters and drains to protect the desiccant bed from water and oil.

Oil/Water Separators

The water being removed by drains and dryers will be routed to the oil/water separator. These separators allow you to dispose of condensate in a safe and legal manner. It’s important to replace carbon bags and filters every 6 months for smooth operation all summer long.

Harris is equipped with the products and service expertise to get your compressed air system ready for summer. Give us a call for help on your maintenance checklist or to talk about your next compressed air or vacuum project.